Corporate Television

Communication is the key, specially in large-scale Corporations facing communication barriers like different time zones, localization (spoken languages), huge deparmental sizes and Organizations working for different markets inside the same Corporation or Business Group.

Employee identification with the Company is very important to achieve high performance, specially where in-sourcing hiring is the Company strategy. But personal identification with out Companies and information knowledge is becoming more and more difficult. In the past, Newsletters and Corporate Memos were only the option to make information flow inside Corporations.

Also, many Companies have large numbers of employees working on manufacturing plants or transportation that are not able to access Corporate eletronic newsletters or email announcements.

Multipistas Digital Signage solutions enhace this communication to a next level, where corporate content can be combined with Television, Video and dynamic content like Corporate News, Real Time Stock information, New Executives and New Employees announcements, Industry information and the most important: Value, Mission and Visions transmission to every single employee.

Using our Digital Signage systems, you can provide updated information about agendas, meeting attendants, presenters and schedules for conferences and exhibits.

television corporativa digital signage multipistas

In the Corporate environment, digital signage systems are replacing classicbulleting boards.


Our kiosk's designs are flexible and adapt to any office environment.