Universities and Colleges always need to communicate with students, staff, and parents. Until recently, individual departments or student organizations managed their own communications. Now thanks to converging markets, educators have the chance to synthesize messages in at least three different venues and avoid costly overlap in the process. Television networks in the facilities can reach nearly anyone at any time.

A single station can double as a public access outlet as well as event calendar. Another channel can deliver an ongoing series of messages like homework assignments and be ready for instant announcements in an emergency.

We are improving the communication at school and university levels.

With an easy recording procedure, you can create class schedules for students that missed any class.

Thanks to our technology, Colleges and Universities can send messages to their campus audience at a very low cost. A few Digital Signage stations can inform teachers and students about exam dates, inscriptions periods, qualifications or any activities. This will replace their classic bulletin boards.