The need to improve communication between Doctors and Patients is a real need. Also, both to Doctors and Hospitals need constant interchange of information across regions.

Multipistas Digital Signage real-time systems can be key to inform patients needing urgent medical information about Influenza Pandemic Plans, vaccines or infection prevention information. Hospitals also can create private Digital Signage networks to interchange information between their Research teams.

Also, healthcare professionals can use our technology to share clinical trial results or collaborate in surgery from the distance. This new communication is creating collaboration networks among different hospital teams from differents cities of the globe.

Other centers related to healthcare are using digital gignage networks: Dental Clinics, Geriatric Centers and Pharmacies.

salud digital signage multipistas

Our technology is helping to research sciencist & doctors.

Video demonstration of Digital Signage for Healthcare Applications.

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Hospitals can inform patients and visitors on time.

Digital Signage also helps in case of emergency.