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Food & Restaurants

Food & Restaurants are suitable for digital signage solutions.

Restaurants, Fast Food, Bars, Pubs and Coffee Shops open 24 hours a day share a very competitive market. Offering the best product is critical, as well as controlling food stock and benefits.

Our Digital Signage networks will allow you to inform in waiting areas, aisles, entrances and counters about the different meals, schedules and so on.

You can also broadcast sport events, inform about the advantages of your fidelity cards and promote season dishes. Your facility can also be given the atmosphere of yourt preferred music or play videoclips chosen by your customers from a digital video-jukebox sending an TEXT message from their mobile.

Real-time information (news, sports, etc.) will add value to your place of business.

With our Digital Signage networks you can also provide WiFi access to the Internet in your public zones.


You can schedule sports events or have your preferred music atmosphere in you restaurants. In the case of franchises, you can align all you partners with corporate branding policies (photographs, videos, ambient, etc.).