Shopping Malls

Large Shopping Malls have installed thousands of screens in their stores. The recognized benefit to digital signage is their ability to focus their advertising at the customer in the store. This enables storeowners to install channels of digital signage displays that deliver specific departmental advertising focused at the customer at the critical last mile of the buying decision, the point-of-purchase.

Ad content reflects the changes necessary to meet the demands of weekly, daily or even hourly sales campaigns. There are many combinations for Quick Service Restaurants and Shopping Mall applications.

Multipistas Digital Signage manages these in-store channels and controls them from a central location at our corporate headquarters.

We have a large experience in big shopping centers installations and setups, at an international level.


centros comerciales digital signage multipistas

Traffic information is analyzed to cover all customer needs.


We have presence at the point of sale, where the last message is sent to take the final shopping decision.