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MULTIPISTAS is the digital subscription service provided by the DIGITAL SIGNAGE company. Based in the European Union (Spain), DIGITAL SIGNAGE designs, develops, deploys and maintains digital signage systems worldwide. DIGITAL SIGNAGE is a technology-based company dedicated exclusively to the visual communication market.

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The Digital Signage comments how today's technology is applied to communication and how it helps it to develop. Under Narrowcasting, we outline its definition and its advantages versus broadcast. In the Markets section , we explain how other companies are using digital signage to improve communication with their customers and what are the listed benefits, either in sales figures or in brand identity.

The Our Advantage section explains why our Digital Signage systems is unique in the market, thanks to its design possibilities, its integration with the industry standards, our reporting system and the full range of Plug-Ins to provide aditional information to your audience.

The About us section provides our contact information and our Corporate Newsletters.


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