Tourism, Hotels and Accomodation

Hotels, Casinos, Cruise Ships and Resorts around the world are embracing digital signage. Audio & Video Information of Local events, Restaurants and Tours is enriching the experience of Customers. Large flat-screen displays provide business executives information on meeting rooms and schedules. In-room screens display branded advertising for hotel amenities including restaurants, spas, and fitness centers. Cruise ships post information messages for their guests, display restaurant menus and provide interactive reservations for shipboard amenities.

Multipistas Digital Signage provides end-to-end functionality for interactive kiosks to serve as virtual point of information of in hotel lobbies providing directions, activity schedules, and ticket reservations for hotel guests.

Offer detailed information about local events.

turismo digital signage multipistas

Your digital signage system will permit you to stick out the quality of your product offering in detail.