Bluetooth is a wireless protocol utilizing short-range communications technology facilitating data transmission over short distances from fixed and/or mobile devices.

With the Bluetooth service, we are offering you the possibility to create small wireless networks between the screens and the mobile phones of your audience.
Applications are infinite: information, timeframes, visits, advertising, entertainment, etc.


salud digital signage multipistas

Our screens look for in an action radio of some meters all the mobile phones that have the Bluetooth service enabled. We can also show in the screen different messages that invite the user to activate the Bluetooth service if he has it currently disabled.

At that moment, the screen sends an invite to the mobile phone to offer a content that can be downloaded. In the case that the user accepts the invitation, the telephone downloads the content and the user can start to use it.

salud digital signage multipistas

You can send video, audio, images, multimedia clips and customized applications like news tickers, event information, tourist guides (in several languages), live concerts information, voting applications, interactive tours and so on.

With our Bluetooth service, you will have the latest Marketing technology (also known as Proximity Marketing technologies) at your hands integrated with the rest of functions of the Digital Signage network. And Bluetooth is immediate and free for your customers.


You can send audio, images, multimedia clips and customized applications


Send different applications like touristic guides, scheduling information, voting applications and interactive tours