Digital Television

Analog Television is about to vanish: it is being substituted by Digital Television, that is transmitted using terrestrial radiofrequencies (DVB-T), satellites (DVB-S), cable networks (DVB-C) or using 4th generation mobile networks (DVB-H) and the Internet (IPTV).

Our technology will allow you to visualize the content of any of these digital platforms in your screen network, in full screen mode or in individual and independent sections. Of course, in High Definition.


salud digital signage multipistas




Television Full-HD high definition (1920x1080)...

...or in HD-Ready compatible resolution (1366x768).

EPG (Electronic Program Guide) will allow you to know the TV programming for the next hours.

Receive the signal of any television channel worldwide and integrate it as a section of your screen network, wherever you are based.