Controlled Internet Access for Guests

With our controlled Internet Access Service, you will be able to offer a wireless access to your visitors fully integrated with the screens.

This Internet access is monitored and secure.

This forces the visitor to see a special web page (usually for authentication purposes) before surfing the Internet normally. At that time the browser is redirected to a web page which may require authentication and/or payment, or simply display an acceptable use policy and require the user to agree.

I.e., it is possible to limit the access to the Internet for some minutes: offer it for free or maybe grant access for some hours or days with a temporary password that is given to the user.

There are also modules available for cash payment, credit card (secure payment) or payments with PayPal.


Our on-screen Internet Access Services allow you to redirect the browsers to mandatory pages. Also, it is possible to use forms in these special welcome pages to collect emails or information to keep your customers updated with your offerings in the future.



Fully integrated with both manual and electronic payment methods


Offering Internet access for your guests and visitors will add an extra value to your business.